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Diana Yachts Enterprise (DYE) provides Yachts Ownership services and maritime equipment supplies. DYE removes the burden of yachts ownership, offering expert advice and support in all areas of yachts operations. We offer a discrete and specialist service, supporting the owner with every detail throughout the ownership of their yachts. Working as a team, DYE ensures that every aspect of yachts ownership runs smoothly.

Charters Rentals

At DYE we provide a highly personalised service to ensure your chater meets and exceeds your every expectations. From quiet family holidays in secluded anchorages and islands, or whatever the upcoming events you have including:

  • Cruise Package to Nearby Island
  • Bridal Photography / Shooting
  • Corporate Business Meeting
  • Celebration of Marriage Anniversary
  • Fishing / Snorkeling / Diving

Yachts for Sale

Buying a yachts is the fulfillment of a long cherished dream. Te right yachts will provide you, your family and friends with years of precious memories. Operating headaches, high running costs and collapsing residual values quickly detract from this pleasure.

DYE has experience of operating yachts. We believe this experience gives us a unique insight into the yacht’s operation and running costs. We also believe that acting as Central Agents for the sale of the yachts we manage is entirely logical. We talk with authority about the yacht’s condition, service history and running costs.

There is a huge brokerage inventory and the choice is bewildering. We cut through the hyperbole, matching the Buyer with the yachts perfectly. Working as a team, we ensure every aspect of Yacht services provided runs smoothly.

Charters Repair

Immediately after you anchor your boat in a haven, after having a joyful ride, there comes time for the good old maintenance. With decades of professional experience in renting, repairing and transporting just all kinds of yachts and boats under our belt – we can assure you that we are your best choice!

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